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Increase and maintain your corporate knowledge

In today’s business world, systems and processes change at a faster pace than most organizations can keep up with. Add to this an aging and changing workforce, these are significant risks that have an impact on corporate knowledge and experience. Having a solution to ensure corporate knowledge is maintained, is crucial for any organization dealing in this new era of business.


Working with an award winning open source learning platform, the VCAN LMS allows you to train, manage, increase and maintain your corporate knowledge and experience. In this day and age, the corporate objectives are achieved based on the knowledge and experience of employees.

Increase productivity through knowledge

The VCAN LMS enables organizations to deliver effective learning in multiple forms, including learning plans that align to employees’ responsibilities, career progression, compliancy and more. Our LMS also allows you to encourage your employees through recognition using badges.


LMS Features

Individual development plans

Competency training

Integrated structured courses for each end-user job and role

Task-based training for all functional business users

Configurable to include customer business processes, company policies, and compliance information


For Organizations

Accelerated Adoption
– Training available at go-live for all users
– Customizable to support company processes and policies
– Quick uptime for new users
– Increase in productivity

Reduce costs
– Content Sensitive Help (CSH) helps reduce errors
– Helps reduce the number of support requests

For End User

Just-in-Time Learning
– No need to attend separate training that takes you away from your job
– Immediate support to complete all tasks and processes for your job
– Train at your own pace and on your availability

Stay current on new features and functionality

Training and supporting your employees has never been easier

Get the training and support your team needs exactly when they need it with VCAN LMS.

The VCAN Group employs experienced professionals to develop learning in all its forms – with a special emphasis on eLearning. Our promise: to create effective, engaging learning materials that meet explicit learning objectives. To achieve that result, we employ a systematic instructional design process based on industry standards.

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The VCAN Group’s mission is to ensure our clients’ successful business and/or technology projects, by providing a team of highly qualified resources, with the highest level of expertise, ethics and commitment in the targeted areas of a project life cycle.

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