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    Why Choose Prextra

    A Flexible and Integrated
    ERP platform

    Which makes it possible to add more modules, all of them custom built for your specific needs and following your business’s growth.

    Easily accessible from everywhere,
    at all times

    Since it’s hosted on a Web server!

    Simple to learn,

    No need for countless training hours; make a few tests and get quickly acquainted.

    Fast IT support
    experienced team.

    All CDID’s project managers are trained in project management. For an efficient management, from project elaboration to its implementation!

    A trusted
    business partner

    To support your growth, we work with only one business for each business sector and we offer a fixed price, regardless of the number of users (10 and more). Furthermore, with our experience, we can quickly understand your challenges, allowing us to see beyond your needs!

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    The VCAN Group employs experienced professionals to develop learning in all its forms – with a special emphasis on eLearning. Our promise: to create effective, engaging learning materials that meet explicit learning objectives. To achieve that result, we employ a systematic instructional design process based on industry standards.


    General Ledger

    Accounts Receivable







    Product Configurator


    Time Punch

    System Management

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    How does eLearning solve problems? What does effective eLearning look like?
    There is no better way to answer those questions than by seeing successful examples.

    Business Sectors

    Prextra adapts to your business sector

    Manufacturing, milling, adapted business, wholesale, service, retail; Prextra adapts to a wide range of business sectors and their specific technological needs!


    With Prextra, improve your operations efficiency, manage your production effectively with the help of our integrated software and have greater control over your inventory and orders. Plus, Prextra can be integrated with technical design and drawing software like AutoCAD, SolidWorks and SolidEdge


    Based on your needs, specific additional functionalities like the ingredient weighing equipment connection to the system, pesticide management and BOM import can be easily added to our platform.

    Adapted Business

    In addition to all basic functionalities, Prextra can help you manage human resources specifically to adapt businesses and potential candidates list, plus contact with SEMO advisors and links to official “Emploi-Québec” forms.


    Improve your business’s operational efficiency, fill in your orders faster and reduce your storage and distribution costs with Prextra’s integrated options!

    Services Business

    Prextra offers adapted functionalities required for optimal management of your operations such as accounting, invoicing, cost and time sheets, among others.


    Prextra helps with the integration between point-of-sale (POS), commercial management, supply chain, marketing and finances. Increased efficiency, better inventory control and improved customer service in a single software!

    The VCAN Group’s mission is to ensure our clients’ successful business and/or technology projects, by providing a team of highly qualified resources, with the highest level of expertise, ethics and commitment in the targeted areas of a project life cycle.

    Our mission

    Our clients

    Royal College
    Hydro Ottawa

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